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2021’s Most Popular Paint Colors for Home Design

September 15, 2021

One of the best parts of building your own New Tradition home is the opportunity to add your own special personal touches. New Tradition Homes has an extensive selection of options, including an array of colors for your walls and cabinetry. Here are some of the most popular colors popping up this year.  

The Blues

Blue is known for being an incredibly soothing color. Dark denim walls or deep aegean accents are just the hues to calm us. Subtle blue accents are showing up in neutral spaces, too. (Navy blue fringe on a linen pillow, perhaps.) 

Jewel Tones

Bold, deep jewel tones with personality (plum, emerald, sapphire, garnet) are all the rage. They can give us a visual lift during long hours at home, a mental escape during quieter moments, or inspiration when the mood strikes. 

Earth Tones

Humans love to engage with the great outdoors. A great way to be one with nature is by adding earth tones to your palette. Explore calming, rich hues such as leafy green to buttery saffron to smoky brown. 


Despite their “colorless” reputation, neutrals are restful, grounding hues. From classic ivories to deep pewters, pale blues to sage greens, these adaptable hues can be used as accents or for the whole room.  

Dark Shades

Deeper, darker hues give rooms a rich and luxurious feel. And sometimes, the colors shift slightly in different light, offering an ever-changing tonality and mood. Plus, they go with everything from crisp white to shiny brass. 

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